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  • Hi guys,

    I'm killing my brain and not getting to anything that i can use...

    How do i get an Text object to show me a text like if i was telling a story

    Example would be one of those thinking Clouds with text inside, i need it to keep changing, like if the char would be thinking....

    I have tried to use an Array and write my text in 10 parts... however i'm having issues with the loops

    It only shows me the last array value...

    For example

    array[10] i'm doing for each X set text to curvalue (currentvalue)

    This if i run the layout always shows the position array[9] skipping the others....

    What is missing here?

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  • Use a loop only if you want to repeat many events in ONE tick.

    Using a one-dimensional array is a good start.

    I would do this: add an instance variable to the text box perhaps. Then whenever you want to change a thought (perhaps every X seconds), add one to variable.

    Every tick: set text to

  • thank you!


    Maybe the values in an array could be defined on the object setting in the future? It would spare initialization actions

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