How do I create a thumbstick control?

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  • My first reaction is that why isn't a thumbstick object included in a game creation application from the beginning by Scirra, together with the other form controls? Since controlling a player character is absolutely vital to games. On the other hand, maybe there's a good reason why it doesn't exist, although I can't think of any...

    Anyway, I've looked at a project that I found somewhere but it seems too complex and overwhelming to understand without explanation. I'm curious if there's other, maybe simpler solutions out there.

    How do I create this myself in an easy and understandable way for a newbie? Is there a tutorial or a simple project showing how it's done?


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  • Was this the one you saw?

    I believe there are examples in the FAQ-thread and tutorials in the tutorial section, also..

    It's been asked many times and answered, so finding the solution that suits you should be your biggest problem..

  • Yep, that's the one i saw. Your solution is great, but I don't understand it to be able to adapt and integrate it into my project.

  • It looks harder than it actually is..

    Which part don't you understand?

  • Right now I'm checking these out.



    Can I get back to you and answer your question later, if I need to fall back to your solution?

  • Bah, giving up. I solved it my way instead.

    My solution is that it doesn't matter where on the screen the user touches. The player character moves to that destination. Not optimal and not what I initially wanted. But it's working, it's effective, with a very very small amount of code needed.

    Thanks anyway.

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