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  • Hi, I would like to create something like a stock ticker of text (horizontal). Has anyone done something like this?

    Failing that, I could try and keep my messages smaller than the available window, and just show one for a few seconds, then show the other (I guess I can't transition them - no WebGL on mobile devices yet).

    Its something which is pretty easy in CSS, so perhaps I should be using that iframe plugin? But the I don't know how to communicate the text to the iframe?

    Any suggestions most appreciated.

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  • looking how to do something like this myself.

    I have experimented with putting a sprite (ticker item) inside a box (another sprite).. then give the ticker item bullet and wrap, but it doesn't seem like you can make something wrap other than the layout or the viewport. So I tried making my own "wrap" functionality which works fine except I need to figure out how to make the sprites stay the same distance apart, which is not easy!

  • If it just for displaying long information once, this would work:

    if the same text is supposed to be repeating, you'd need to detect the text length in pixels somehow to properly loop it (len(x) could give a hint, but as long as you don't use a fixed-width font like Courier New, this won't lead to much) OR not make it fluid, but instead go letter by letter.

  • mindfaQ I never saw this post until now, and the link is no longer good..

    I'm still looking for a good way to do this... I've used an image and text, pinned the text to the image with bullet behavior. When the image gets to a certain point I Set Position to the beginning of the stock ticker. It works for a bit, but then all the objects start to vary distances apart.. and if you let it sit long enough, they overtake eachother! there has to be a better way..

    if anyone has any suggestions...

  • jobel,

    Not exactly what you want... but it will give you a nudge in right direction.

  • DUTOIT thanks for this... I'm sort of doing it that way except not recreating the object which is probably the way to go. thanks! this helps!

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