How do I create text instead of smoke?

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  • hi,

    I want to create a game similar to Ghost Shooter, but instead of the object goes up in smoke and disappear, I would like a text to be shown disappearing gradually. I want to use this game to teach kids about diabetes. So the text will be about diabetes. Every time the player kills an object by shooting, the text should be displayed so the kids will learn diabetic terms.

    Thank You


  • In ghost shooter, when a ghost is destroyed, a the monster sprite is removed and a explosion sprite is created where it dies. What you want to do is when the ghost is destroyed, create a textbox where it dies. This is done in event 5 of the tutorial version of ghost shooter. You need to create a textbox and add the fade behavour to it. Then change the event.

    The event currently looks like this:


    Monster -> health <= 0


    Monster -> Destroy

    Monster -> Spawn "explosion" on lair "main" (image point 0)

    Explosion -> Set angle to "random(360)" degrees

    System -> Add "Monster.Movement.Speed" to Score

    You want the event to look more like this:


    Monster -> health <= 0


    Monster -> Destroy

    Monster -> Spawn "Diabetes Text" on lair "main" (image point 0)

    Diabetes Text -> Set text to "Diabetes is a group of diseases in which there are high blood sugar levels."

    System -> Add "Monster.Movement.Speed" to Score

    You may also want to create a dictionary or array of text about diabetes and set the diabetes text to a random message from it

  • Thanks for the answer, but I am new to construct. How do I create a textbox and insert the diabetes message?

  • You should really consider reading the manual and doing some tutorials

  • thanks for the help

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  • abdool

    Consider using the Sprite Font object instead of Text, but otherwise the method Robsta described is correct.

  • ok, so I will try the text object because the spritefont seems complicated.

    This is what I want to achieve:

    I will leave the ghostshooter game as is so that the monster is destroyed with an explosion. I will create a new object, so that when the bullet collides with it, a word will appear and then fade.

    1. Where do I add this new condition of bullet colliding with new object?

    2. Where can I save a list of words that I would like to appear?

    3. How do I get a different word to appear when the bullet hits the new object that I will insert?

    I want to use one new object, but I want one of five words to appear every time the bullet collides with that object.

    I appreciate all the help


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