How do I create TCG effects

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  • Hi! Michael here. I've been working on a trading card game for about 3 weeks now. I pretty much know the basics in Construct 2. My question is how would I give a trading card unique effects. Here are a few effect ideas I have in mind. #1 Someone try's to attack a monster the monsters effect negates the attack forcing the player to end there turn. #2 A add on card would give the monster extra points added to its life. #3 A card lets you pick 1 card from your deck, then that deck automatically shuffles. Yes I know this could get pretty complex. Any amount of help would be helpful.

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  • I would break up the game's effects into functions. Functions are useful when you plan on reusing a similar set of actions across different events with different condition. For example, and end turn function could be referenced when a player manually presses a button, or it can be caused by playing a certain card.Function parameters are also flexible and useful for organizing variables. A life gain function could use 2 parameters to define target and amount - lifeGain(playerb,4).

    As your game gets more complex, you can just add additional functions for new effects that should normally be isolated from previous ones. Watch out for recursive functions though!

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