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  • Hi, I'm brand-spanking new to construct2 so I'm not sure if this is the right platform or where to get started.

    I need to create an avatar that appears to speak. In other words its viseme (mouth movement used to create a particular spoken sound) needs to be synchronized with audio.

    You know those virtual agents that walk you through a site and try to make you feel more engaged, but are unfortunately always in flash (i.e. SitePal)? That's what I need to create.

    For those that have been using this engine for a while and know what it is good at and what it is not: is this the right platform to start with for this need? If so can you point me in the right direction and I'll go from there.

    Sorry for the super vague question, but I'm just looking for a starting point now.

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  • It can be as simple as when sound "talk" is playing play talk animation on avatar. But if you really want to sync it with the audio it's a bit more complicated.

  • thanks.

    My main motivator for using an engine is the visual avatar creation (head, head sway, blinking) and making the 22 viseme movements.

    Is the 3d (looking, but actually 2d) head creation and mouth movement attainable in construct2 and if so, are there tutorials on making such a model (I see a lot on things that aren't relevant to the narrow scope I have).

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