How do I Create a system of Skin like LoL ?

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  • Hi everyone !

    I'm a beginner in Construct 2 and i create a simply platform runner. I create One char and he have 3 animations (Run, Default, Die). With my friend, we create a lot of races. We need to create a lot of competitors for each races. But we need to create 129 sprites with the 3 animations... Do you have an idea to create a "Skin System" to use one sprite has 130 different body with 3 animation of each bodies ? (i.e i can set an Global Variable when we choose a skin and if we have 5, the Sprite set his body to body 5). Or an other way, because i'm lost ;-;

    I search but i didn't find... I create a lot of animation separated in sub folder in one Sprite but they take a lot of memory space...

    Thank's for your help ! And I hope that my question will be helpful in some nooby like me ;-;

    PS : Sorry for my bad english... I'm french, but i do my best o/

  • By using effects with blend-modes you could alter the colors on the sprite. So by doing that you would easily get 5 different "skins" of the same skin.

    I havent tried it myself, but in theory you should be able to load an animation by URL, load image, change sprite to frame 2, load image, change to frame 3 etc etc...

    Load image from URL should write over the current frame with the image you specify.

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  • I create a sprite with just one skin... and i upload all of my skins frame animation in web and with construct i take an skin animation (frames) with Url to replace my currently Default Skin (frames) in game ? It is that ? x)

    But can we do it for local ? Place the skins image in Folder File, I supposed ? :3

    And thx for the blend mode, it's so good ! Ah ah i'm happy :')

    I think it will be very difficult ;-;

  • Yes you can import the "skins" as images in the Files folder and load them from there.

    But as i said before, i am not sure about the load animations frame by frame stuff....i only guess that it works that way as it should do so in theory.

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