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  • Hello guys, I want to create a survival game.

    A brief description:

    You spawn on a map(a huge map smth like minecraft world, tile based) and you must find your way to survive, cut trees, kill beasts, eat etc.

    You will see you character from a third persion camera that is above you and ponited at you, smth like a birds eye.

    I have to store objects position on the map, because the player will have the ability to drop items, and create wherever he wants.

    I want to know if anyone ever tried to do smth like this and some ideas on how to create the map and how to create a positioning system.

    I will apreciate any advice and if anyone would like to help me create the engine and make it public, please tell me.

    Btw.. I found a game that suits my vision:

  • That would be really easy !

    The only thing here is that unless R0J0hound or Yann shows up , it would take you a lot of time to get the minecraft-style randomizing+saving system

    It would be hard but possible ...

    I have a little idea 'bout that but I won't be able to code it or achieve it ... ( School , Time , Personnal projects )

    Another thing you want to know , the 3rd person view is only the 8-direction behavior with some animations to create an illusion !

    Maybe , if this issue isn't solved before tommorow , I'll be able to help ya !

    Cheers !

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  • thx for the replay,

    The biggest problem I have is the deph of field, it looks like C2 is not going to support the render tech needed... I must come up with smth


  • Explain , man , C2 can support any game in 2d but no 3d is available and won't be available

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