How to create a start menu?

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  • Okay so I'm working on a 2d platformer and here's what's up.

    1st of all I made a layout that contains Level 1 of the game.

    Then made a layout to make Level 2, so I put in the event sheet that when the characters ends Level 1, he'll switch to the new layout that should contain level 2 and it worked perfectly fine.

    However now before I continue, I decided to make a Start Menu for the game, so I made another layout, and put a button.

    In the event sheet I put when the button is clicked, the layout should switch to layout 1(which holds level 1 of course).

    And well that is the problem, when I run the program and click the button it does nothing, just a clickable button that is doing nothing.

    Please help me with this irritating problem, also please keep in mind that I already put the mouse input too.

    Please reply a.s.a.p and thanks a lot!

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  • Without your capx I'd just be guessing, but I'm fairly certain you've assigned the wrong event sheet to your start menu layout.

    What is your event sheet system looking like? If you're not doing so already, I highly recommend storing your main, reusable events separately, and then including them in the event sheet for each level where the level's parameters and special circumstances are set.

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