How do I create Sprites with objects inside?

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  • Dear Construct 2 community,

    I'm relatively new to construct 2 however I've been programming in objective oriented languages for a few years.

    I want to generate a house. Inside the house there are walls. I want to make the walls solid so I can't move through them.

    The way I approached this problem initially was by creating a sprite with my house design. Then I created multiple sprites inside the house (which is a sprite), and had them overlap the walls of the house and made them solid.

    My question is, how can I package what ever I just created into a standalone object that I can create automatically without me having to place the walls inside my house sprite manually?

    If there are any easier ways of approaching this, or more efficient ways, I am completely open to any suggestions. My main concern is creating a house with solid walls inside.

    Thank you for your time!

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    return manual->search("Containers");


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