How do I Create Sprite on A Moving Platform

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  • Helo sir, i start to hit a wall again now. I am now making a game like vertical runner. But what i want to add here is a coins score.

    First may you can look at my layout below.

    So, i want a coin is created in every 5 second and the create on random X axis above the platform (the board that move upwards). Every coin after created, will move upwards as the platform move. So in the end, the coin position is on the platform.

    But, problem start here, i don't know what happen every i create the coin at random X axis, the coin isn't move to upwards, even i have set the position of coin towards platform

    I don't know what happen, please sir help me.

    This is my capx in case you need it :

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  • Hi, I'm not exactly sure what you mean. But your coin has a bullet behaviour applied to it, so when it spawns it starts moving to the right. So maybe remove that bullet behaviour and instead put a pin behaviour on the coin. Then you can spawn the coins and they will hang in the air - then test for a collision - if the coin is overlapping the platform pin it to the platform - it will then move up with the platform.

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