How do I create spike ball/chain and swinging pendulums?

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  • I am wondering if this can be done without physics? Just looking for a basic mario world-type spike ball and chain that rotates 360 degrees with jump through on the chain and damage on the spike ball

    Also looking to implement a basic swinging pendulum that simply swings back and forth

    I'm guessing these can both be accomplished with either sine behavior or physics but I'm curious as to which would be more efficient and the best way to pull these platform elements off.

  • You can do this setting the origin point at start of the chain and creating a image point on the end of the chain. Then, you put the sine behavior (angle).

    Create a spike ball and set the position to Chain, at image point 1.

    If the player touches the spike ball, takes damage.

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  • Physics will definitely be an overkill here.

    As Bitsix advised, place origin image point at the start of the chain and use any of these behaviors to rotate it - Sine, Rotate, RotateTo, LiteTween.

    The ball can be in the same sprite with the chain, or you can make it a separate sprite pinned to the other end of the chain.

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