How do I create speech bubbles?

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  • I am able to create text, in a bubble... However. I want the bubble to chance size depending on the text. Also I want the text to automatically go on a new line when it goes too long.

    No idea how to approach this, can anyone help me out?

    What are these supposed to do and how do i use them.

    I'm trying to set the bubble size to text.textheight & text.textwidth but my bubble just dissappears.

  • Hi,

    to change the size of your TextBox

    TextBox > set size to width and height (could be an equation how big the text is and how many lines)

    and of course you need to resize your bubble to (similar to textbox)

    You can also wrap text, ...

    Like if your text is coming from an array you could ask that after x letters make a new line (but wait for space or -)

    so your textbox looks something like this

    "some text from array " &newline& "the rest of the text"

  • TextHeight and TextWidth need a short time to work correctly. I suggest you use a wait action before changing size of your bubble

  • You are on the right track with using text height and text width...

    but you would also probably need to add a certain number of pixels to the height and width of the bubble object to ensure the text is not overlapping the border of the bubble object.

    for example...

    one text update.-->

    set 'bubble.width' to text.width+10 pixels

    set "bubble.height' to text.height + 10 pixels

    Also try using the 9-patch object for text bubbles...I findt hey work so much better than sprite objects because they expand to any size with no loss of detail or blurring...a very handy feature compared to regular sprites.

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  • this is as far as i can get without crying anyone wanna help me smooth this out a bit? ... like mostly i want to figure out how to delete that small delay? idk ... sp=sharing

  • bubble.capx

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