How do I Create a Specific Object from a Family?

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  • Hey,

    So I have a family called Enemies, and on different levels I want to spawn specific enemies. For example on level 1 I only want enemies 1 and 2 to be created. On level 2 I want enemies 1, 2, and 3 to be created. I currently create the the sprites in a function but now realize I don't know how to specify which enemies I want to create.

    Is there some other way I should approach this?


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  • You just create the actual object type, so decode the numbers to each type.

  • Okay, so is there a point to even use a family for this situation? When I create the enemy I change their bullet behavior angle of motion depending on which direction I want them to move. I currently have the bullet behavior as a family behavior.

    What I like about the family part is that it randomly chooses between all members of the family, but I want to exclude a certain family object for a certain time.

    I can put together a basic capx of it if that would help

  • Yes, Families are good in general, there is just no way to create a specific object.

  • Okay, thanks for your help

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