How to create my spawner system with less events?

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  • Hey, wow, I post a lot here don't I? Anyways, I'm working on another game right now, and I do plan on buying the full version of Construct 2 within the next month or so. Until then, I'm working with the limited 100 events.

    I have a spawn system, which basically creates a wave based on a global variable number. Each wave has exactly the same events, but with a different "every x number of seconds" variable.

    Is there a way I can condense this into fewer events?

    Project file download.

    Image example:

    <img src="" border="0">

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  • Instead of using 3 and 5 in Random(3,5), use two global variables and just set them depending on the level.

  • you could merge the top two events into one:

    +every second

         >add 1 to systemtime

         >set wavetype to ceil(systemtime/25)

    Also you could merge all the enemy objects into just one object, with different animations, and a variable 'type' which makes them act differently.

    That way you could just do:

    +pick a random spawner instance

         ->spawn enemy

         ->set enemy.type to spawner.spawnnumber

  • Good ideas! I'll try them out when I get home, thanks!

  • Uhn. This topic is too old but I have one question.

    How did you make a variable without value/<varies>? Your spawn system helped me a lot but I can't create a variable without value.

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