How do I create a spaceship game with modules.

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  • Hello, this is my first post on this forum, I need help with my college project that me and my mate are currently working on .

    Our task for this final college project is to create a game, we switched to Construct 2 after using GameMaker, I am the one responsible for programming since my mate didn't want to touch it.

    Our game is quite simple with one good and quite complicated mechanic. It basically is a space invader clone, a player will progress through levels, and kill enemies, each enemy will award you a certain amount of score, after reaching a certain amount of score the player gets transported to the next level. In between the levels we planned to have the ability for the player to upgrade his/her's ship with different "modules", something along the lines from that of Master of Orion 2 or recently released Star Drive 2 module system for ships, only much more simplified.

    The problem is, that we don't, or rather I, not exactly sure how to do it, so any help will be greatly appreciated!

    We also have this annoying bug that after the player dies the enemies go to the corner for some reason, and after going to lvl 2, the level freezes and we can't do anything, so if anyone could take an extra look that would be amazing.

    Here is the link (apparently I can't post links because I don't have enough karma so um, I guess just tell me how to do the module thing, thank you)

    Thank you for any help or suggestion regarding our project. Much appreciated

  • Use pin behavior to attach the modules into the ship based on relative position to the ship.

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  • Like Alextro said: pinning is probably the easiest way to achieve the result your after. On your main player sprite assign an image point in the sprite editor for each node upgrades will affix too, make sure to copy to all frames if your player sprite animates. You will need Boolean variables to track whether the player has purchased an upgrade or not and default them all to false. Now whenever you spawn your player you will check all variables and for each true one you will spawn the appropriate upgrade to the corresponding image point and then pin it using position AND angle event.

    In my space shooter linked in my Sig I use a slightly different approach. The player is never "spawned" he is merely set to visible or invisible (and vulnerable/invulnerable) when appropriate and all the weapon systems are all pinned during the On-start event and set visible/invisible by a pretty simple variable driven event. My avatar is the ship with all upgrades visible.

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