How do I create a simple balancing game?

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  • Hello.

    I'm a 2D and 3D artist that would like to learn Construct 2 to promote my 2D graphics.

    I would like to create a small little game where the player can lean from left to right while bouncing a ball and getting +1 score for every bounce.

    I got the LAN preview to work with other computers but my Windows Phone will not load my little test scene. I made a bouncing ball that bounce on a player sprite but I was only able to rotate the player, not make it lean.

    I figured that these are the most difficult things that I would need to learn:

      1. How to get the preview function to work on Windows Phone 8.1 2. Make the player lean when the phone is tilted and change sprites for different angles. 3. Get the ball to bounce better and bounce back to the top center so the player will have a harder time to bounce it off screen when the player sprite touches it.

    What can I offer as compensation for help?

    Well, I AM a graphics artist so I'm sure we can figure something out if/when you need some graphics done.

    If you are interested you can find some of my graphics my portfolio.


    Thanks for removing my portfolio link.

    Edit 2:

    Currently borrowing a friends laptop with Construct 2 license since I could not try the "Test on LAN with your phone" function with the free version. I will of course buy my own personal license if I am able to actually create something that is playable on my phone with it.

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