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  • Is there a tutorial on how to create Servers on my computer using construct 2?

    Im looking to create a Space MMO Like DarkOrbit.

    Any tutorials, addons, plugins or starter projects would be Great!

  • The plugin photon is a good way to make a mmo and this is easy to use.

    I made a small tutorial here

    EDIT: oh and to save the data the plugin firebase of Rex is a good and easy plugin to use.

  • Sorry this is the first tutorial I made x)

    I will try to explain you:

    The code is the name/id of the event you will send to the others player and the data is a data you want to send with the code.

    Like in the exemple at the bottom you send your player.X and in another Event your Player.Y.

    Next you can do a event for when someone receive the ''code'' example it will teleport your player on the screen of everyone to the position you send..

    Sorry if my explication are bad but I am french and this is hard for me to explain thing in english x)

    EDIT: oh you removed your post ?

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  • Download and install Apache Web Server(such as a WAMP stack which includes PHP and MySQL), Microsoft IIS, or some other web server software. Then put your C2 export files into the htdocs (in Apache) folder, open a browser and go to http://localhost/

  • Nice found both ways to be easy

    Oh and I deleted my post because i found out how to do it thanks to your tutorial!

    However, I decided to go with the wamp server because Im very familiar with making private servers and this was exactly what I was looking for!

    But photon is very easy to use and is definitely a must have just incase something happens to my pc.


    Now about wamp

    I export my project in html, go to local host and my project is indeed there!

    How would I go about creating a sign up and login screen

    Any tuts? Anything at all would be helpful!

  • Something like:

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