How do I create round gear that turn other gear

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  • Hello,

    I'm new here, I have a kid of 3 years and he love everything that turn he's autistic, I would like to build something for him

    that can interact putting gear together and make them all turn.


  • System: Every tick -> Gear 2 set rotate to angle (-Gear1.angle * teeth ratio)

    Repeat using Gear 3 on Gear 2's angle and so on.

  • it's work but I use sprite for the gear, if I want to move another gear ...... each teeth need to be a sprite group to the main gear and must be solid to make turn the other gear right? now I need to know how to group sprite and make each teeth solid.

  • This simple but you could do it like this

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  • Lord thanks that cool..

    but I really need the teeth moving the other gear because my kid will move it or be able to add gear and put them together with differant color. you demo is very good but if I move the sprite to a gear the teeth will not match or will overlap the teeth..... it's pretty hard because I'm still learning and I don't know thing.... I use now pin to pin the teeth to the weel to make the gear but if I clone this gear it will not turn.

  • There is no simple way to solve this problem. If you really want to rely on the collision engine to rotate these gears then you should make a circle and the pin a bunch of rectangles to it using some math to place them around the circumference evenly. Then use more math to make sure the teeth are of a sufficient size as not to jam.

    Either way you'll need math and programming.

  • You want behaviors Rotate, Solid, Pin, and Physics. Physics will lets one solid push another.

  • yes it's work for now with one teeth sprite but how to instence the same teeth sprite along the round sprite , if i clone it it lost the event

  • You can copy-paste the sprite to create more instances of it that will retain existing behavior like collision detection.

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