How do I create rope with one end carryable, like water hose or cable?

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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to create a rope or a cable with one end static (pinned to an area). The other end should be pickable and carryable by the player, which has the task to carry it to a certain area (plug this end into a socket).

    I tried the pin-method built-in c2: The rope-style pin did not allow me, to make the one end static.

    I tried a physics-method with revolution joints, but when I pin it the end goes crazy and shakes like hell.

    A dream would be, to make the rope dynamic in it's length. So, the player can take it any place inside the layout and the rope/cable adjusts it's length (shorter and longer) on the fly. But this is would be an extra.

    Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance!


  • Check out this demo:

    Don't use Pin with Physics objects. If you need to fix it in place, set it immovable.

  • Hi,

    thanks, that helped me a lot !

    Only issue is now, when the player got the one end of the rope and moves to fast, the first links lose contact to each other for a short period.

    Maybe you have an idea to fix that, too?

    Thanks, appreciate it!


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  • Since the rope is made with Physics, you should only move it with Physics actions. And don't apply too much force. If you try to pull it with some other behavior (Platform, 8-direction), it will break.

  • Thanks! Unfortunately it's essential, that the user can pick up the rope and steer it via the character-sprite to a certain point.

    I tried to simulate platform-behaviour-like controls without the behaviour itself. But it all ends up in crazy rope actions. There's got to be a way...mmmh :)

    Thanks so far!


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