How do I create random objet at "point" with random time

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  • eg i have 3 points * * * in layout and how to make each point create random objet in every x second.

    i want make the points is like a hole will spawn a item bonus or enemy or a bomb. At x second maybe point number 1 and point number 3 create item bonus and at the same point number 2 create bomb.

    sorry my bad english.

  • If you have access to families, put all the spawn items in one family -

    System - For Each PointObject |  PointObject - Spawn ItemFamily
    System - Every X seconds      |
    If you don't have access to families, create a variable SpawnItem=0 -
    System - For Each PointObject | Set SpawnItem to choose(1,2,3,ect...)
    System - Every X seconds      |
           If SpawnItem = 1          | Create SpawnObject1 at PointObject.X, PointObject.Y
           If SpawnItem = 2          | Create SpawnObject2 at PointObject.X, PointObject.Y
           If SpawnItem = 3          | Create SpawnObject3 at PointObject.X, PointObject.Y
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  • hi tks! i got it

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