How do I create Random Numbers advanced.

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  • Hello Everybody and happy Holidays.

    I have a quick question.

    I have 6 fields and can get random numbers in them. The Issue I am having is I don't want to have two, three or even four of the same number displayed.

    How would I check to see if a number is used and keep it from reusing that number?

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  • If the chance of rolling the same numbers is low (for example your range is 1-100, and you wanna fill 6 fields), I would probably just do a while loop (roll -> check if number is present; if it is, reroll; end loop when number is not present).

    If the number of fields is closer to the range of values you are filling into them, I would do something like:

    this would circumvent unnecessary retries, but need a bit more memory, since you build an array (but memory would only be a problem for big ranges)

  • Thanks for the replies, I had found a topic on this and used the RandonNos snippet I found. Only issue I am having now is that the array with width 5 on random number does not line up with my balls.

    see demo here.

    worked great for Pick 3 and Pick 4 as each array was per number. But when making PowerBall and Mega Millions the white balls are all in one array.

    any Ideas on how to adjust to fix it?

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