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  • (Tried to keep the title short, explains ellipsis)

    So what I'm trying to accomplish is a simplistic dystopian game where you are trapped in a bizarre lab accompanied by a robotic AI. You try to get to the end but here's the catch. Every time you play it's a new experience. There's a whole new different set of rooms to navigate. I already have the random generating rooms done but is it possible to set a way so that the game remembers what those random rooms were.

    For example:

    Player goes from Point A to Point Random,

    Player ends up in Point D,

    Players goes back the way he came and instead of going to another random room, he/she ends back up in Point A,

    And so on.

    Almost like every time the player enters a room, it adds on to the "map" of the game.

    I appreciate any help.

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  • You say you have the generation done..

    In what way do you generate the rooms?

    Would it be possible to put the generated room in an array or save a tilemap asjson or..?

  • LittleStain

    I currently have invisible objects off both sides of the level screen, placed on each layout(room). If player passes through the right object, there's a variable number that's chosen at random.


    Player goes right,

    Random variable number,

    If num = 1 go to Room A

    If num = 2 go to Room B

    I see what you are saying, which I would probably have to change this method to fit your idea.

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