How do I create random animation for critical hit

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  • Hi all,

    In my game's boss fight I want to add a hit box at random certain area that the character can hit for critical strikes. The hit box obviously will be in range of heroes attack or else hero will never able to hit it. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks.

  • Make some detector object, give it a pin behaviour, pin it to the boss. You can either place preset image points where the hit point might be and randomly pick one or just limit a random position like boss.x-100,boss.y-random(50,100)

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  • You could have another object, which is an invisible sprite and has its own collision box. This will be called CriticalHitBox.

    Then you can add a few ImagePoints on your Boss sprite, and when you need to define the place of the hitbox, you can do:

    Boss > Spawn another object (CriticalHitBox) on Imagepoint choose(1,2,3,...,n).

    This will make a random selection between the Imagepoints you predefined.

    Gah, I kinda suck at explaining...

    Edit: I forgot to say that you'd have to Pin the object to the Boss, as the person above said.

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