How do I create a "Dragon Warrior" style battle system?

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  • Basically I am new to Construct(2) and am looking to play around making RPG's. For the time being, I am spending time working through various tutorials to learn different ways to make certain types of games, and certain components of games.

    Anyway, I am looking for a tutorial or any information regarding making a menu based battle system for a dragon warrior style game. Basic setup for such a game is an open world game where you walk around in the overworld or cities/towns and have random enemy encounters.

    In my scenario it would be a single player only (no party system) that is faced with a single enemy. Switch to battle screen and have a menu pop up that gives you battle options. (With plans on expanding on this as I get more familiar with the app)

    I have created a very simple game that gives me the overworld, gives me random battles, but I still need to work in the menu system into the battles. Haven't had any luck with such tutorials, since most RPG battle system tutorials seem to focus no menu, and just using hotkeys.

    Anyway if someone knows where I should look to help me figure this out I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • No such tutorials exist for C2

  • Reverse engineer it. It can't be THAT hard, but I'm sure it's complicated. Plenty of variables and stuff. Go play DW, write down how everything happens, then have fun.

    Functions are your friend.

    Also, these "systems using keyboard hotkeys" should be plenty to get going. Just replace "pressed L" with whatever game event will trigger it.

  • Get good with the tools by doing lots of tutorials and then you will be able to come up with a way yourself. Even if someone were to suggest a way, unless you are comfortable with the tools and functions it will do you no good.

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