How do I create purchases without IAP?

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  • Hi everyone, I've looked and found a few minimum posts with no too much insight so I was wondering if I phrased the question in detail if anyone could help me. I do have some programming knowledge so that will not be an issue with this question.There is an IAP ability which helps you sell stuff thru mobile stores and windows store and so forth. Since my game is going to be stand-alone for mac, windows, OSX as a download and included in HTML5 for web I was wondering if there was a way anyone knew to create a shop page, add an item for example a season pass. And this season pass if owned will allow access to a new layout. I would like the purchase to be run thru paypal or something else if there's a better alternative. Not sure if xml, php or json will be involved but any answers or ideas are appreciated please let me know what you guys think!

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