How do I create a pool shooting mechanic

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  • Hello there,

    I'm making something like a two player pool game, and I would like some help for creating the shooting mechanic.

    Here are some troubles I'm facing

    1. When I try attaching a physics enabled object to the mouse, if the mouse is moving too fast, often the mouse might get in front of the ball and stop it. (I've enabled the Bullet option in the physics options.) Basically I want the ball to be able to go really fast when being hit really fast.

    2. I'm considering another mechanic which is a cue that's being attached to the currently active "shooting ball". I want the cue to rotate around the active ball at a fixed distance when you are moving the mouse. If a mouse button is pressed the angle of the cue should be fixed and you should be able to move the cue only towards and away from the active ball.

    Thanks in advance for the help!!!

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  • Here's a link to a capx project. Its not mine. I downloaded it some time ago from someone or a tutorial.

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