How do I create a 2 player online game.

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  • I want to create a 2 player game that would use a server to send the informations to both peers so they always have the same feedback in their screen.

    The problem is that I have no experiences in creating multiplayer games and I have a couple things I would need for my game to be perfect.

    -I need the game to be linked to a website, what I mean is that the player can log in the website and once opening the game he will aready be logged in. The user informations MUST be saved on the website after every games.

    -I would also like as mentioned before that some of the data from both players get sent to the server that will respond to both peers simultaneously.

    Well lets begin with this.

    Is it possible to link a game to a website (with construct 2) and how can I do it (will I be able to see the users informations from another page of the website??)

    Thx for the support any help will be appreciated

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