How do I create a How to Play tutorial within the game

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  • Hi All Construct Developers,

    I would like to create a tutorial as the first pre-level in my game. I have tried a 2 minute video within the game, an animated Gif. Both attempts bloat the game to an unacceptable size. I am hoping someone has come across this problem and has come up with a good alternative.

    Thanks for all your suggestions

    One last thing. I was wondering if a link to Youtube would be an adequate solution? I don't really want to send users away from the game so that would be a negative alternative. What do you think?

  • You program it. Set a variable to your tutorial, when the tutorial is finished then save it so the tutorial will not pop up again.

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  • I figured it out. Added the Rex Youtube Plugin and the Video plays just as I planned. Of course, I could have programmed it but was trying to avoid App Bloat. Thanks for your reply PixelPower

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