How do I create platforms with a constant drop rate

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  • I have 2 platforms on an assets layout. These platforms will be created 2 secs apart on the level 1 layout and be 256 pixels apart on the X axis and 256 pixels apart on the Y axis, allowing the player to jump upwards from platform to platform.

    My problem is when the platforms are created, first the left one and then the right one, they are about 256 pixels above one another. But when the reach the bottom they have spread out about twice that much.

    Im using the bullet behavior, but i've tried many different things and can't seem to get them equally spaced apart for the duration of their fall.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  • You probably have gravity enabled, which applies a downward acceleration. You should instead use a set bullet speed at a 90 degree angle with 0 gravity.

    You should also post a capx when asking for help, otherwise people can only guess at what is wrong.

  • Thanks for the reply oosyrag. I actually discovered that just a little bit a go.

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