How do I create a pixel transition in layout or object.

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  • Hello, I've asked a few questions before about the camera movement and zoom for a four player game, I managed to fix that with the help of some people. To sum it up I have a game with a randomly generated map, four player controls, with a camera that zooms based on the distance and follow them and a selectionscreen.

    Now I'm at the weapons and layout transitions, since the game is in pixel art I want to know how to create a transition or distortion on the layout or weapon. There used to be a capx tutorial but I can't find any information on that anymore, does anyone have ideas how to realise this effect?

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  • If I had any idea what you want it would be easier..

    What do you mean when you say:

    "a transition or distortion on the layout or weapon. "

  • here is two plugins for the Transition

    V2.1 : (does not Support HTML element)

    V1.2 ; HTML element)

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