How do I create a picture SUDOKU

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  • well

    It's an ambition project and pretty hard to do for beginning but why not to try.

    I'm a new one in Construct community and I try to understood it. It's not easy but I have to start.(please dont tell me about another platform game:)

    Picture sudoku it is sudoku with pictures instead numbers. In this case it is 16 different picures within 4 groups and We have to solve this like a sudoku rules. For eg. We cannot place rabbit picure near other rabbit in the same row, column or 2x2 grid.

    Ok. Let's get to the point.

    I have a more then 4 objects, for eg. rabbits, cats, dogs, elephants, birds...and so on. Each contains different number of frames, each frame is different. For eg. in object rabbit there is an animation with many different picture of rabbits). What do I need is random choose 4 of them, then each one creates 4 instances, every one with different frame. So finally we have 16 different instances (eg. 4 rabbits, 4 birds, 4 dogs and 4 elephants) each of them has different frame.

    I attached an image

    Im not yet understand arrays well but I think

    1. I must create animal array with all animals?

    2. Shuffle and delete all cells greater than 4 or random choose 4 cells and create another array with choosen animals.

    3. Then difficult for me but I understand array must be related to sprites, by variables stored in cells?

    4. That the tricky part - each object create 4 instances, each one with different frame

    5. Lay them in proper places used drag&drop functionality.

    6. Check them i think its similar to this tutorial

    Uff thats all for this moment. I need any help to start this project. Im sure if I'll do this I can do everythink:)


  • You are pretty close with your image. You just need to be able to track each frame and identify which Sprite it is part of.

    Then you need your actual board array set and just track which animation frame is present in each slot. Maybe look at using rexrainbow 's SquareTx and Board plugins for displaying your tiles.

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  • There are some plugin for shuffling, like my patterngen plugin, which can pick item randomlyand no-repeating.

  • This is not related to this post, but do any of your plugins do 2.5D grids rexrainbow ?

    Like this:

  • gumshoe2029

    It seems that Rojo 's mode7 effect.

  • gumshoe2029

    It seems that Rojo 's mode7 effect.

    Beautiful, thanks. I'll do some prototyping today with it.

  • rexrainbow

    That only does the visual effect. We need access to the grid locations too. I will probably either just use your HexTx or maybe try to abuse your SquareTx. We'll see...

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