How do I create a perfect bounce off solids?

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  • I found several topics asking about the same, mostly unresolved issue, and those with a solution are outdated CAPX file downloads.

    The Bounce off solids on Bullet behavior do not working very well every time (It looks like it works according to the computed frames, not delta time). I'm looking for a solution for about 3 days.

    My last try was making blocks with 4 son objects who change the angle by collision. It was the closest sollution i've got, but not works very well on the corners (I think it bugs some times too, but at least are bouncing perfect).

    Older ones i've used a block with overllaping by offset, but not sucess.

    I'm REALLY begginer on logic, (works with design in fact) so maybe this is an easy topic and I don't know what to do. But i'm stucket for so long time =( this is just little ones sollutions I've tryed.


    How do I?

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  • Bullet behavior most of the time will be accurate, but some bullets will definitelly run astray and I understand that may be a nuisance depending on your project.

    Physics behavior is usually more accurate and can use "Circle" for "Collision Mask". The problem with Physics behavior that might not suit your project is that bullets WILL collide with one another, since they're all physical objects in that context.

    Hope this helps.


  • I tried to post the solution I found yesterday, but apparently I was having trouble loading the forum pages.

    The first solution was to try to make collisions through Ray Cast, and after a bit of research, I found the solution in this topic:

    (REALLY thanks to Magistross!!! I could not have done the angulation calculation alone.)

    The second solution was for a tip to use Physics Behavior in a brazilian community. The collisions worked almost perfectly! The only problem is infinite bounce loops that happen with the ball, but it's not that problematic, I'm trying to solve this.

    And the third, actually reason, is that this bug probably happens only in small layouts. Searching for "bounce" in Construct 3 templates, there is an example of Scirra using only Bounce off solids that works perfectly.

    My project is set to retro style, and maybe the accuracy of collisions is not that good with frame rate. (I haven't tested it yet)

    Anyway, thanks for the help brunopalermo! You would have solved my problem too! It was really causing me a headache xD

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