How do I create a pause menu that doesn't pause menu buttons

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  • I've poured through a lot of threads, but the solutions are so convoluted and what I want seems so simple.

    I want to pause the game, and during the pause, be able to do some menu stuff.

    When they press 'p', it sets the time scale to 0.

    But this makes it so any buttons that pop up with the pause menu don't work.

    Even a simple button to increase a variable by 1.

    Threads I've read have such convoluted complicated solutions that are way beyond me.

    Does Construct 2 really not have good support for such a simple and necessary feature?

  • You can create a family with all objects in the pause menu, so you create the event something like this: When the pause menu of the family is visible ... (from there you put the shares).

    You can also find tutorials by clicking the menu above and type in the search bar "pause" will appear several tips.

  • Sorry what do you mean by "shares"?

    I could make a family of the buttons I want to interact with in the Pause menu.... but how do I make them.. not frozen by the timescale = 0?

    Also I read all those tutorials I think and none of them cover this issue. I was able to create a pause menu because of them, but not one that let me do anything but pause the game and unpause it.

  • Ok when someone comes across this, here's how I solved it:

    I set the button to be unfocused in the event associated with clicking it.

    That's why 'p' wasn't working after I clicked the button.

    It had nothing whatsoever to do with the time scale.

  • Excuse my English, I speak Portuguese. so you've managed to solve your problem?It has more doubt as to that?

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  • Nope it's all good now. Thanks for your help

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