How do I do create a page swipe action for mobile displays?

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  • I've been trying to create a page swipe action for a mobile only game.

    What I'd like to do, is emulate having multiple pages in the game and the user swipes right or left to move through the pages.

    All the pages are the same layout, so I think the pages can be made from a set of sprites. The set of sprites is then just repeated horizontally with different variations in each set.

    So while to the user it may look like they are swiping through pages, they are in fact just swiping from one sprite set to the next.

    Of course there may be a much better way to achieve this, in fact there probably is , so any suggestions would be very much appreciated.



  • I would have put all pages in the same layout too and I think your method is fine

  • Thanks ikke2902, good to know I'm on the right track.

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  • Just keep an eye on the number of "pages" and the number of sprites/page - if you have dozens of sprites / page and dozens of pages then you could be impacting on the memory of the mobile device ? As always, test as you are going along on the device in question and keep an eye on memory.

  • Hi RamPackWobble, thank you for the advice. There will be about 20 pages, which will be about 5 sprites that repeat across every page plus 2 unique sprites on each page, which would translate into almost 50 sprites.

    If I keep the resolution at the lower end that should work I hope. However I will do lots of testing.

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