How do I create my own file system for point&Click game

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  • I have the game using .XML but if is possible i want to create my own system with my needs. Also for translations to have a english.txt, german.txt ,etc...

    My idea is have a sprite with an instance variable called "home_chair" so when the mouse is over the chair get the name("Old Chair) that is the first line. If i set look+chair then retrieve the second line: "Is an old chair i bought time ago" .

    How looks the text file:


    Old Chair

    Is an old chair i bought time ago

    Can't be picked

    Can't talk with it


    All objects will have the same structure:

    [Object instance]

    Name (When the mouse is over the object)









    I search in the systems expresions with find(src), replace, right, tokenAt,etc... but i can't get it working.

    Maybe there is a plugin, behaviours or something to do it more easy?

  • I would use an array.

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  • I need to use files for translation purposes, so i can send it and load after.

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