How do I create others control to use in "Simulate Control"

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  • I'm creating a game but my character has more than 3 actions ( I'm using "Simulate Control"), how can i add more controls?

  • You should provide some more information.

    1 - which behaviour are you using

    2 - which actions would you like to be performed and under what conditions

  • I'm using plataform behavior, i want to add more actions like shoot, reload.

  • Ok.. when should the shooting happen and when the reloading?

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  • Look, i want to add more controls to the action "Simulate Control", because there are just 3, can i do it?

    Reload was just one example, the character can shoot, but there are no more controls in "Simulate Control"!!

  • I was trying to explain that simulating the controls you are talking about means knowing when the actions you want performed should take place..

    There are no more controls (for movement) than the ones presented.

    to perform shooting you have to create bullets, set their direction and speed..

    For a player to shoot you would create the event:

    on space-bar pressed

    player spawn bullet

    bullet set direction

    a none player can't push the spacebar, so you have to create an event in which you specify when to shoot..

    for example:

    system compare two vaues : player.x < enemy.x

    system trigger once

    enemy spawn bullet

    bullet set angle towards player

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