How do I create objects in layers by TAG?

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  • Okay so, what i wanna do is, when i make the system create an object, it asks me in what layer am i going to create it, problem is, i have a HUD layer, with 0 parallax so it stays with the player, it has to be the top layer so nothing can block it. I also have some events to make stuff appear and destroy in the HUD layer, problem is, last time i wanted to add a new layer at bottom so i could have things more tidy, HUD layer passed from being number 2, to being number 3. So i got a problem here, what i gotta do is change everything that spawned stuff in layer 2, and make it so it spawns in layer 3, which is now the HUD. My question is, is there anyway i can make stuff spawn instead of selecting the layer number, by name, or even by tag? Because if for some reason i decide to add another layer, i would need to be changing LOTS of events to make stuff still spawn in the HUD layer. Any help would be really appreciated! <3

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  • Name is already supported. Just put the name in quotes wherever you are using the number now.

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