How do I create objects from families without behaviors

  • Hi,

    I have a problem that I search to resolve it but I didn't find anything.

    Here is the situation: I have a lot of objects that are use in the First layout and the biggest part also in Second Layouts

    The object in the First layout are using Physic (by the families), but in the Second layout I want them to use the Bound instead of Physic.

    I know that I can just duplicate them one by one. But I have at least 190 objects and duplicate one by one would be... long and heavy.

    Does someone know how to resolve this problem ?

    Thank you a lot

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  • Hey there,

    try this out:

    system> compare two values> layername to "insert layer name here" = set physics enabled, set bound disabled

    else = set physics disabled, set bound enabled

    That should do the trick when you apply it to the family

  • Sorry for the long reply (just forgot), but thank you a lot

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