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  • Hi!

    I'm trying to create a HUD in the upper side of the screen with 3 different objects on it. Imagine: health, combo and coins.

    The thing is, if I create the object in a specific X or Y it goes away when changing the resolution. I tried to create them with this but doesn't work:

    Create object "health" at: window.width/2 (middle one)

    Create object "combo" at: window.width/2-(window.width/3) (left one)

    But when It shows completely off because window.width takes the browser window and not the window size I wrote in the layout options. I tried every single full screen mode and nothing.

    So: the object is created based on window width (1920 because of my monitor resolution) but the game is 720p.

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  • Have you tried putting the hud on a separate layer and setting the paralax of that layer to 0,0?

    That is the standard way of creating a Hud..

  • Yes, I tried. The problem is that the object is created depending on the window width, not in the project resolution width. So for some reason, I create an object on window.width/2 and as my window is bigger (yes, it sounds veeeeery weird) the object actually shows on the right side of the screen. It's crazy.

  • Not at a computer right now but have you tried instead of window width taking the viewport right hand side and dividing by 2? I think its something like viewport.right. That should give you the actual position.

  • This usually gets the desired effect:


    Where x = the number of the HUD-layer

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