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  • Hi guys

    I'm trying to Create Object and place it on certain coordinates, based on its Imagepoint, not on the Origin.

    In other words i want to place object, and its Imagepoint to be at certain coordinates.

    Any idea how i can do it?

    Sry if that has been discussed but couldnt find anything in the forum.

  • Yes!

    Create the object at the point you want its image point to be. Now rotate your object 180 degrees and set its position to object.ImagePointX(number) and object.ImagePointY(number). Now rotate it another 180 degrees back to normal. Now its image point is at the exact coordinate where you originally created the object.

    If you're going to be creating more than one of this kind of object it'll be important that you don't muck up the positions of your other objects while doing this, in that case move rotations and position setting to an "object - on created" event so that the event system is only picking the object you just created.

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  • Lol thats hell of a trick :)

    Thanks alot!!

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