How to create a new sprite in-game

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  • To clarify, this is not asking how to spawn another sprite in-game, what I would like to know is if it is possible, and if so, how to use either arrays or a base of sprites to combine the visual assets into a new sprite. Essentially stamping all of these components into 1 image, which is treated as a sprite (which I would assume would be programmed by referencing a pre-determined 'title' which is assigned to the sprite upon being spawned. You see, I am trying to make a game with procedurally generated gear, weapons, and squad members. Currently, this takes some 10+ assets per squad member and enemy, all of whom are running a code just to 'pin' together. Even when I use the pin behavior, the sprites don't glue together (position and angle of different objects during move or turn are not exact with other objects. This means you are using more memory on an effect that looks rougher. Does anyone have any solutions to make these objects run smoothly? My computer has an i7 w/ 8 gigs of ram and intel HD graphics. It can run AAA games pretty smoothly, so I'm not sure why this is a problem. Please help.

  • Rojohounds canvas plugin may help...

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  • The Spriter plugin sounds like it was designed for this.

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