How to create music games?

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  • Hi! I want to create a game and need your help. I'm new to game programming & design, and want to make a music game, like Guitar Hero. I hope you can help me to learn how to do it.

    I need to learn how can I make a sequency of buttons to be pressed, and how to show this (like Guitar Hero).

    I need to learn how to assign points to the successful hits, and the perfect hits, and how to take points from the errors (if it's impossible, we can just ignore the misses).

    I also need to learn how to make a final score, with a Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus share button.

    And, how to make an animation, like a video, of the band, for the background. It can be a video?

    Thank you.

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  • It seems from your questions you have no idea how to work with construct2 (I might be wrong though)

    It might be a good idea to get the hang of basic programming in Construct2 before trying to make the game you want.

    It is all possible what you want, but if you haven't the idea where to begin it will be hard to explain.

    I would suggest looking through the beginner's tutorials to see how to work with Construct2 and it's event-system. You can find the beginner's tutorials in the tutorial section to which there is a button at the top of this page.

  • Thanks for your reply! I'm learning (and you were right, I don't know nothing about Construct 2, beside the very basic: how to create a floor).

    I'm planning to learn all the basics during the week, but I need to know how to make the game, so I can plan what elements I will use, and ask for an artist to create them.

    My biggest doubt was about the animations in the background. =D

    Do you know any tutorials for those problems? So I can read them after learning the basics.

    I'm studying game design, and used to make games in RPG Maker. I know some about the logic, but I need to learn how to make a game like that in two weeks, so I can use it in a presentations to my bosses, to convince them how we can make a better education with games. =D

    Thanks for the help =D

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