How do I create multiple working cannons in different angles

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  • So I could'nt really explain better in the subject title.

    I am working on a platformer, a lá super meat boy. What I wanted to do was create multiple working cannons within one layout. (Like the shooting spinners in super meat boy).

    In the picture is shown how I tried it. It works (kind of), but if I have two cannons in different angles, the bullet isn't doing what I want it to do.

    I know why it doesn't do what I want,, there are mistakes in the events, but I don't know how to do it better and properly..

    If anything is unclear just ask, I really would like to know how to properly do this!

  • Try adding 'for each' in system and assign it to Cannon. Also move the spawning event to the top of action.

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  • Your event is setting the bullets angle "set bullet angle of motion to Cannon"

    Maybe disable it and in the bullets behaviours try changing "Set angle" to yes.

    Just an idea.

  • What I did, and I think I got the result you're after, is I moved the spawn action above the bullet setting actions, and I made sure "set angle" was set to no..

  • Thanks! Setting the spawn action in front did the job

  • Okay, the problem now is that every bullet is 'shot' at the same time, while I would like it to be able to be different for all of them. I tried it with an instance valuable but it didn't quite work out.. any ideas?

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