Create multiple text objects from array.

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  • Hey!

    Thats the task:

    I got an array with text values in it, for example: "one","two" etc.

    And i need to create X(maybe a lot, so i dont want to create every object manually) amount of text objects and take their text from array.

    And second part: I want to make these objects unique, to link every to audio file with same name "One","Two".. So its like creating playlist, which i take from array. Thanks for attention ^^

  • Didnt solve :(

  • The first part can be accomplished by using loops. Based on your request, I'm guessing you're not familiar with loops. They are one of the building blocks of programming, so it's a very good idea to learn how to use them effectively. This tutorial is a good introduction to loops and arrays:

    Basic Loops and Arrays

    Once you're familiar with how loops work, check out this Capx.

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  • Thanks. I familiar with loops, but im not advanced user at all. So i had no clue how generate different texts with 1 text object. Your example helped me a lot. But using track.filename to play audio by name didnt work for me, so i changed it on Track.Text and it works fine. Thanks again.

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