How do I create multiple Snapshots?

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  • Hi guys,

    so I'm trying to build something where you can push a button that takes a snapshot, creates a sprite that loads this snapshot (so far it's easy) and if you push that button again it will create a new sprite with a new snapshot on it. This should be possible endless times.

    I've tryed to do this by global numbers, instance variables, for sure by creating a family with the sprites and change a family variable, UIDs.......and I don't get it.

    Maybe someone of you can solve this, explain it or maybe even upload a working file. Would be greeat.

    So thx a lot and so long:)

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  • Ok, thx a lot. I can't open it yet because I still got the 227 version and your file is at 229. I use Construct Personal per Steam, so maybe the Update will come soon and I can learn from your file. But so far thank you for the quick reply and have a great day:)

  • Here is the code for it.

    Objects in the project :

    Text to display some moving informations.

    Sprite - Moving animation to have something changing in the different snapshots

    Sprite2 - A "frame" from a different color, placed underneath "Snapshot"

    Snapshot - The sprite in which you display the snapshot

    Button - The button used to trigger taking a snapshot.

    You could set Steam to download beta releases (not really advised as in case of breaking release you are stuck until a new release comes up, generally blocking one to two days of development).

    You could very well download the free edition for r229 from the website and open the capx in it as well.

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