how to create a multiple objects under single peer?

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  • I am making a multiplayer game like clash royale. in this host can create multiple game objects but peer can't why?

    1) I synchronize host with none, I synchronize only the object variable as posX and posY through which position of host object sent.

    2) same with peer sync the same value to every object.

    3)any other way to create multiple object/instances under single peer or host


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  • If you sync an objext using NONE. That means that all Peers will automatically create the same amount of that specific object just like the Host has. Not the other way around!

    However without their position being synced. So they all spawn on the very same spot.

    Please share your capx file which shows us how your events are being setup.

  • Thanks

    I solved the problem

    I sync with none so when the host object create then same will be created in peer. but the position is not sync

    instead, I sync the position with variable posX, posY

    now i am able to create multiple instance for host. and also peer can track the position. similar, for peer, I am using the created object under host with so the game and and game objects are work under the host's hardware. peer only sent input to control his object.

    otherwords, peer's data in value is more likewise host's out value is also more.

    but the only problem is cheater can easy change the values of a variable when they were a host.

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