How do I create multiple enemies of the same type?

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  • For whatever reason I am cloning my "slime" and it doesn't seem to be retaining the same LOS and other behaviors as the original. Whats the best way to keep these going throughout so I can reuse enemies?

    I am trying out "family" but don't completely understand it and not sure if I'm doing it correctly.

    Can anyone refer me to a straightforward tutorial to fix this? Or be able to point out what I'm doing wrong?

    File link below.

  • When I clone the slime object, it is copying all the values that are found in the original. I don't think that is the problem you are having. I believe, that the issue is, your events are coded to the slime, not the family.

  • Thank you! Also quick note. I just found that pressing the arrow keys makes the slime jump or move. Do you know how to disable this? I have my player movement set to WASD.

  • And if you've created the family and it works. Is there any chance you'd be able to send me the file? I haven't worked with families before and would like to see what you did.

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  • On your slimes platformer behavior, you need to uncheck the "use default controls" parameter.

    Unfortunately, I'm posting from my phone and not in a location where I can send it but, all you need to do is, move all behaviors and instance variables you want the family to share, from the slime to slime_family. Then replace slime in every event and action with slime_family. Treat the family like it is a sprite.

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