How do I create a multiplayer game for Android and IOS ?

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  • Hi,

    I read the officials tutorials who explain how the multiplayer works in Construct 2, but i don t find informations about how to make a multiplayer game who runs for Android or Iphones.

    Of course I'm looking for a solution for games applications (in google Play, Apple Store) , not a game who runs with the smartphone browser.

    Anyone can help me please ?

    Thanks in advance !


  • As far as I'm aware, Apple don't currently support WebRTC, but are supposedly working on it.

    I've just tested the built-in Mutiplayer Ghost shooter over WiFi on my Android phone and besides needing Touch controls, seems to run OK.

  • Thanks zenox98

    But it seems you tried to launch the game with the browser, do you know if when the game is compiled in application type the multiplayer is always active on Android ?

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  • Android APK works good. Just build your app in intelxdk, Crosswalk not required.

    I have gotten best results using a plain html5 export and importing that.

  • Android APK with Multiplayer object... no problem.

    iOS version... doesn't works at the moment because iOS doesn't support WebRTC. The only alternative I know is to use Photon plugin. Similar to Multiplayer but works also on iOS.

  • There is a browser called BOWSER for iOS that does support WebRTC. (It's made by Ericsson)

    In theory, Construct2 multiplayer games should work on iOS inside of the Bowser browser. (According to Ericsson)

    In my testing, I've not been able to get Construct2 mutliplayer apps to work in Bowser on iOS. (I've tried the standard demo apps from C2).

    Anyone else had better luck? (You can download Bowser from app store for free)

    Ashley - if you are reading this - have you tried it?

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