How do I Create a Multi Layout Inventory

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  • I wanna create a Inventory that Not only shows up on a different layer. but Also allows a HotBar on the main Game layer. Like Minecraft In a Way. Right now I have 3 separate Inventory arrays for different types of Object. (Tools, Seeds, and Items) I really don't want it that way I want everything available for the same Inventory. I have 3 diferent Item Sprite types for Each. I dont want to put everything in one Item with all the animation frames in one item, or different animations in one item. I want it the way it is. Only Everything able to goto the same inventory/Hotbar. Everything should goto the Hotbar first the Inventory. Then I need a way to select the item that is going to be "Used" in the Inventory.. Either by selection Sprite, or a Separate slot. I'm Open to ideas on that. I know this is probably alot to ask. But Iv'e been stumped on this for about a month. I actually have alot of questions in regards to doing things because I'm a complete Noob. But I rally need help with the inventory. I'm willing to do the work so to speak. I just dunno how to go about it, and Iv'e checked several tutorials, and they are either outdated. Or irrelevant to what I need.

    P.S Reason my game name has 2 s's at the end was due to another project file with a simular name. I didn't want to get the two confused.

    Heres the .capx:

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  • ... -inventory ... out-arrays

    These are the best tutorials IMO, but you probably have already read them. However, I think these two are the best you can find right now. Inventory is really complicated because you need to check and automate many things. Also, to have it available any where, use a Global Layer called "Inventory" and common event sheet.

  • Yer Iv'e tried both of those tutorials. Hiding the layer and then showing it is not working. In regards to a Global Inventory layer. I just tried that. Thats Why I want to have it on a diff layout. I don't mind using a Common Even Sheet if i have to.

  • david7457

    The first tutorial with array works. You probably are doing something wrong, which is REALLY easy to do. I've already followed this tutorial and it works. However, I didn't finish everything and It was a long time ago. I can't even explain it to you anymore. Someday I'll create my own inventory without array, because I hate it =P.

  • I appreciate your help. I may be doing something wrong with the first one. I never fully finished it either. But its also not quite what I wanted. I'm hoping someone has experience with making a Multi-Layout Inventory lolz. Who could help

  • Still no one?

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  • david7457 what kossglobal posted is what your looking for if you can't get it to i recommend going though the manual pages on Array's and Global layers to get a better understanding on them. also just going though the manual really helps learn how event work and will make it easier to make what you need

  • Has nothing to do with multi-layer inv tho

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